Natumora Zeytin Yaprağı Çayı 75g - natumora
Natumora Zeytin Yaprağı Çayı 75g - natumora


Natumora Olive Leaf Tea 75g

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  • Unground leaves, which are carefully collected, dried and packaged in hygienic standards; Contains the same beneficial compounds found in olive oil, 0 calories.
  • Whole leaves contain more antioxidants, since they are not ground, they completely release flavor and healthy compounds.
  • Preparation: Add 500 ml of boiling water on 20 olive leaves, infuse for 10 minutes and strain.
  • You can add honey and/or lemon to your tea.
  • It does not contain any preservatives, no pesticides were applied during the crop.
  • Ziplock packaging with Kraft Window
  • Net:75g