Natumora Grape Molasses 470g
Natumora Üzüm Pekmezi 470g - natumora
Natumora Grape Molasses 470g


Natumora Grape Molasses 470g

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  • It is obtained from Sultani type seedless grapes produced in the Sarıgöl region of Manisa.
  • Manisa Sultani Seedless Grape is a product with geographical indication of origin.
  • Hand-chopped grapes are chewed in ponds using the old-fashioned method and turned into must.
  • The must is boiled in boilers heated by wood fire for about 16 hours, and the molasses, which is rested for 6 hours after getting its consistency, is filled into jars without using any additives.
  • It does not contain preservatives and additives.
  • Store in cool, dry place.
  • glass jar
  • Net: 470g