Umay Herbal Organik Çam Balı 480g - natumora
Umay Herbal Organik Çam Balı 480g - natumora

Umay Herbal

Umay Herbal Organic Pine Honey 480g

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  • Umay Herbal product of the brand.
  • Umay Herbal is trying to spread technical beekeeping to its surroundings by doing organic beekeeping in the Zara mountains of Sivas. With the R&D company they established in Bursa in 2019, with the support of the university, it processes its own raw materials using high technical and analysis methods, especially in propolis production.
  • Content: Organic Certified Pine Honey
  • Type: Secretion Honey Antalya
  • It is the secretion honey obtained from the bees that overwinter in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, on the northern side of the Serik region, in the autumn period, again within the framework of the organic agriculture law.
  • It is formed as a result of the secretions formed in the trunks of pine trees collected by bees and enzymatic, and is a dark colored honey that undergoes late crystallization.
  • Compliance with organic agriculture law regulations is checked by the Germany-based company Ceres. It has an organic agriculture certificate approved by Turkey and the EU.
  • The product, which has not been subjected to pasteurization and high temperature – high filtration processes, has been bottled by preserving its nutritional values ​​in the best way.
  • 480 g Glass Jar
  • Store in cool, dry place. Protect from sunlight.