Tea Tub Melisalı Yeşil Çay 15g - natumora
Tea Tub Melisalı Yeşil Çay 15g - natumora

Tea Tub

Tea Tub Melissa Green Tea 15g

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  • Tea Tub product of the brand.
  • It is a blend of soft-tasting green tea produced from Melisa, also known as Oğulotu among the people, and tea leaves carefully collected from the Çayeli region of Rize.
  • You can find the pleasure and peace you seek on a difficult day in this aroma, which is formed by the combination of the slightly lemon-scented leaves of balm and our comfortable green tea.
  • Domestic Product
  • Rize Stream
  • Contains no preservatives!
  • Chemical and lead free!
  • No flavoring.
  • Contents: Green tea, Melissa
  • Preparation: 250ml water, 75C - 85C temperature, 1-2 dessert spoons of Tea, 3-5 Minutes Brewing
  • The brewing degree of green tea is between 75C - 85C. Green tea brewed at high heat becomes bitter and astringent. For a pleasant green tea experience, be sure to pay attention to the brewing degree and time.
  • 15g Doypack Packaging
  • Store in cool, dry place. Protect from sunlight.