Punica Filtresiz Nar Ekşisi 250ml - natumora
Punica Filtresiz Nar Ekşisi 250ml - natumora

Punica Sadece Nar

Punica Unfiltered Pomegranate Sour 250ml

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  • PUNICA It is only the product of the Pomegranate brand.
  • “Limited Edition” numbered 8,000 bottles.
  • It is produced with limited filtration by blending the pomegranates collected from the 2022 harvest of 4 thousand trees grown with good agricultural practices in the pomegranate orchards in the Harran Plain.
  • In this product, the sourness, sweetness, fruitiness and tannin of our pomegranates are felt stronger.
  • Due to restricted filtration, a sediment may form from the fruit granules over time.
  • It is suitable for resting, it continues to give flavor as long as the fruit particles in it stand.
  • It is produced from 16 first quality pomegranates, each weighing an average of 400 grams.
  • 250 ml Glass Bottle
  • Store in cool, dry place. Protect from sunlight.