Natumora Sumac 100g
Natumora Sumac 100g


Natumora Sumac 100g

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  • Grain Sumac, Leatherman's Sumac, Sumac, Rhus coriaria
  • It was produced by collecting from Manisa, Kırkağaç Mountains.
  • In terms of giving a sour taste to the dishes, you can use the sour-tasting water obtained by soaking the sumac in hot water in meals.
  • You can use it in onion salads due to its odor-reducing effect.
  • You can use it as sumac tea; You can boil a teaspoon of sumac in a tea glass of water, boil it in a coffee pot, and consume it after boiling for five minutes.
  • 100g Pack
  • Store in cool, dry place. Protect from sunlight.