Mayi Salt Ground Table Salt Iodized 600g
Mayi Tuz Öğütülmüş Sofra Tuzu İyotlu 600g - natumora

Mayi Tuz

Mayi Salt Ground Table Salt Iodized 600g

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  • It is the product of Mayi Salt brand.
  • Iodized Fine Spring Salt
  • It is a fine table salt produced by grinding in a stone mill.
  • The iodine ratio was increased by adding extra iodine.
  • It is produced from 100% natural spring water salt, without refining, in greenhouse type pools.
  • Since it is unrefined, it does not contain chemical substances such as anti-moisture and bleach.
  • The ratio of insoluble matter is 0.
  • Ideal for use in salt shakers.
  • With its high iodine content and rich mineral content, you can easily use it in your meals and on your table.
  • 600g Pack
  • Store in cool, dry place. Protect from sunlight.