Mayi Sıvı Tuz (Sprey) 150ml - natumora
Mayi Sıvı Tuz (Sprey) 150ml - natumora

Mayi Tuz

Mayi Liquid Salt (Spray) 150ml

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  • It is the product of Mayi Salt brand.
  • Liquid Spring salt
  • It is produced by cleaning 100% natural spring water salt without any processing, without refining .
  • Thanks to its spray packaging, it provides a practical use.
  • Since it is not refined, it does not contain chemicals harmful to human health.
  • You can flavor your meals and salads with a few pips.
  • You can use it to make alkaline water with 2-3 drops in 1 glass of water.
  • Due to the minerals it contains, it provides energy throughout the day when drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, and supports your sleep when drunk in the evening before going to bed.
  • 150 ml Spray bottle
  • Store in cool, dry place. Protect from sunlight.