Koçulu Kars Gravyer Peyniri - natumora
Koçulu Kars Gravyer Peyniri - natumora

Koçulu Peynircilik

Koçulu Kars Gruyere Cheese

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  • Koçulu Cheese Makingproduct.
  • Kars gruyere, which has a unique aroma, yellow color, rind, semi-hard and shiny holes, is one of the special cheeses of Anatolia.
  • It is made from the fresh milk of Zavot and Montofon cow breeds fed with pasture plants in the highlands above 1,800 meters altitude in May, June and July.
  • Only milk, yeast and salt are used in its production.
  • Vacuum Pack
  • Store in the refrigerator. Protect from sunlight.