Natumora Vine Leaf 1 kg
Natumora Asma Yaprağı 1 kg - natumora


Natumora Vine Leaf 1 kg

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  • It is the grape leaf of Manisa Sarıgöl, famous for its vineyards. It is produced from seedless white Sultaniye grape leaves. Our leaves are soft and veinless. It does not contain any additives. Meticulously collected grape leaves are naturally pickled.
  • Manisa Sarıgöl Veinless Pickled Vine Leaf, which is slightly sour, is a thin leaf. Ideal for olive oil wraps. It cooks very easily with its thin texture. Since the leaves are thin, you can make tightly wrapped, thin leaf wraps.
  • Before use, it should be kept in warm water for 10 minutes to remove salt.
  • Since our products are stored with water and salt, they should be stored in a moisture-free and direct sunlight place.
  • It does not contain any preservatives.
  • Glass Jar
  • Net:1 kg Vine Leaves